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Plants with Eyes July 26, 2009

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Yes folks, I know that it’s been awhile since my last post, and I’m sure that you are all thinking that I’m absolutely nuts for saying this but: starting with Darwin and moving to the early 1900’s botanists have been throwing around the idea that plants must have some form of “eyes”.

Well it wasn’t until 1908 that Professor Harold Wagner, finally discovered the plant “eye”. I personally can’t say this right but here is the link to the piece written in the New York Times on September 8th 1908 called:

Plants Have Eyes, Botanist Shows

Here is also a rather humorus and cool video posted on YouTube. It is showing the time lapse,s, being sped up to show how plants are moving. It makes the plant look like it’s opening and closing “eyes” so it’s almost like they are peeping.

Plants With Eyes

Though the plants really don’t have “eyes” in the sense that humans have eyes they still need to be able to detect sun light so these “eyes” for plants are truly remarkable.

Here are a few pictures just to keep your mind wondering.

Dolls Eyes

The common name Doll Eyes comes from the black marks on the end of the seed pod that is like older doll’s eyes were painted.

Dolls Eyes 2

Notice how the stem and peduncles have turned a red purple color, showing the maturity of the plant.