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Unique Plants Part 1 April 22, 2009

Posted by woodtree0587 in Plants/Civilizations.

I have already talked about the interesting carnivorous plants, so I’m not going to mention them anymore. But here are a few very interesting plants, that I think have extremely cool adaptations.

Starting first with the Resurrection Fern (Selaginella lepidophyll):


The Resurrection Fern lives in very dry climates. So when there is not enough rain it actually shrivels up and looks dead, but when it finally rains it brightens right back up and is as green as the greenest plant. It also grows and gets bigger, so that is why every time people look at it; it always seems bigger. If it runs out of water then it shrivels up and forms a ball once again; so it is never really “dead” but it look dead.

Number 2 is the Strangler Fig (Ficus):


Ficus seeds will actually germinate in a tree and them form roots that will eventually wrap around the tree. The roots are considered adventitious and grow out of nodes in the “stem” and then act like vines growing and also clinging to the trunk and then reach the soil. Every year the roots get larger in diameter, which also makes them harder to break by the tree (as it also grows in diameter), eventually allowing it to encircle the tree. Thus, allowing the Ficus to eventually strangle the plant (normally trees) of which it is growing on.

Number 3 and 4 is the Corpes Lily and the Stapelia:


First of the Corpes Lily is one of the largest flowers in the world and it stinks like a rotting animal, which is why it’s called the Corps Lily. The Stapelia is defiantly one of the largest flowers in the world and it’s flower smells like rotting meat.



1. Kamiey - April 23, 2009

The ficus sounds like something out of a scary movie! I like your posts, they make plants interesting to someone who doesn’t know anything about them!

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